Vessel 220W3, Screwdriver set


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Vessel 220W-3 ball grip replacement screwdriver set with 3 bits, 41mm width grip x 100mm length, shank A/F: H6.35mm, 3 bits (+ 1 / + 3 × 110mm, -6 / + 2 × 100mm, PZ2 / PZ3 × 110mm), 153mm x 93mm x 41mm pkg dimension, RoHS compliant

Vessel's ergonomically designed ball grip interchangeable screwdriver comes with a replaceable robust black handle and interchangeable bits. 220W-3 screwdrivers are JIS Standard (Toyota specs.) and are well suited for variety of electrical, assembly, and maintenance applications, furniture assembly, snowboard binding and industrial applications.

  • Hand Tool
  • Light-weight
  • Long-lasting
  • Very easy to use
  • JIS standard bits
  • RoHS compliant
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Manufacturer Vessel
EAN # 4907587060952
EDP # 233072
Type 220W Bit Interchangeable Ball-grip screwdriver with 3 Bits: Bits Ph No1/No.3, Slotted 6/Ph No.2, Pozidriv No.2/No.3 x 110mm
Shank LG 110mm
Grip OD 41mm
Overall Length 100mm
Inner C/T 10mm
Outer C/T -
Miscellaneous Information Convenient set with +1, +3, slotted tip used for quick connection terminal such as outlet, frequently-used +2, and Pozidrive Pz2 and Pz3 widely used for imported furniture assembly and snowboard bindings.
Approvals JIS Standard | RoHS compliant
Country of Origin Japan