Icotek LFZ SKL68 36920

EMC Shield Clamp for Screw Assembly

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Icotek 36920 LFZ/SKL 6-8 EMC grounding clamp for shielded cables, 6mm-8mm/.236" to .315" clamping diameter, screw mount / foot mount (4.1mmø mounting hole) with single strain relief tab


LFZ|SKL shield clamps are easy to use and eff ective in grounding single cable shields. Cables are secured with a cable tie. Strain relief in accordance with EN 62444 is achieved. LFZ|SKL shield clamps are easily attached to
mounting plates via M4 Screw

  • Integrated strain relief
  • Large contact area
  • Easy assembly
  • The spring design requires no adjustments and will permanently maintain contact to the cable shield
  • Shock and vibration resistant, maintenance free

Authorized Icotek Distributor

Type LFZ/SKL 6-8
Shield Diameter 0.236-0.315 in
6-8 mm
Mounting Screw Mount
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Manufacturer Icotek
Material Shield clamp: Stainless Steel, zinc-plated | Mounting foot: Spring Steel