41530, Large Multi Membrane Cable Entry Grommets

Icotek DT4 large specialty gray cable entry grommet with 9 entries for max. 9.5mmø cables

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Icotek DT4 Large specialty insert open ended cables only, 9 entries for max 9.5mmø cables, use with KEL-U, KEL, KEL-ER, KEL-FG and KEL with extensions frames, Elastomer, UL-94 V0 (Halogen and Silicon-Free), Protection to IP54

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Manufacturer Icotek
Type DT4
Clamping Range (9) max. 9.5mm (0.374")
Material Elastomer UL-94 V0 (Halogen-free, Silicone-free)
Miscellaneous Information
  • 44mm x 41mm
  • Use with round cables
  • IP54/NEMA 12 rating