Icotek BPKSNAP 24 42017

Blank Plate for KEL-SNAP24 Frame

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Icotek 42017 BPK-SNAP24 blind plate compatible with KEL-SNAP-24 (42042) cable entry system, 58x147x17mm (2.283 x 5.787 x 0.669") dimension, Polyethylene (PE) UL94-HB (Silicone free), IP54, RoHS compliant


BPK-SNAP blank plates is used to close cut-outs of preassembled KEL-SNAP frames. A snap frame can be closed, i.e. during transport to avoid entry of dust, as long as a KEL frame is not mounted. The BPK-SNAP blank plate is simply snapped on the KEL frame. There is no tool needed to remove it.

Avantages & Benefits:

  • Quick and easy sealing of unused cut-outs which are equipped with KEL-SNAP frames
  • Also suitable for sealing of KDR-ESR enclosure base plates

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Manufacturer Icotek
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Type BPK-SNAP 24
Fits: KEL-SNAP 24
Material Polyethylene (PE) UL94-HB (Silicone-free)
Protection Standard IP54