73x46mm Rectangular AC/DC Diffuse without Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensors

  • Up to 3.04m Sensing Range
  • Rectangular Body (73x46mm)
  • Glass Fibre reinforced Plastic housing
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Red LED (880nm) emitter
  • IP67 rating

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Item # Sensing Range Signal Output Output Function Termination Body Size Quantity In Stock Price Contact us
RP74-D3040D-CY9Q4UE 3.04 m NPN / PNP N/A Quick Disconnect 73x46mm Out of Stock
RP74-D3040R-CY9Q5LM-T 3.04 m SPDT Relay with Timing Solid State Isolated N.O. Quick Disconnect 73x46mm Out of Stock