Actuators for NZ.VZA/TZ Safety Gate Switches

  • Standard
  • Hinged or Straight style
  • 2 mounting holes
  • Includes two stainless steel safety screws per actuator
  • Use with NZ.VZ, NZ.VZ.VS & TZ Series
  • The Prices range from $15.53 to $68.79

(Note: The safety screws included can be inserted with a normal tool, but cannot be removed again. Unscrewing the actuator is prevented and tampering with the safety guard is made more difficult.)

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Item # Type Actuation Style Minimum Door Radius Compatible Models Quantity In Stock Price
024298 HINGED ACTUATOR-Z-L Hinged on right 400mm NZ.VZ/NZ.VZ.VS/TZ 9
016849 ACTUATOR-Z-G Straight 1000mm NZ.VZ/NZ.VZ.VS/TZ 2
024299 HINGED ACTUATOR-Z-R Hinged on left 400mm NZ.VZ/NZ.VZ.VS/TZ 2
048850 HINGED ACTUATOR-Z-U Hinged at bottom 165mm NZ.VZ/NZ.VZ.VS/TZ 0
057950 HINGED ACTUATOR-Z-O Hinged at top 165mm NZ.VZ/NZ.VZ.VS/TZ 0