Lobster AK1MA, Mini Crimping Tool


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Lobster AK1MA Mini crimping tool for metric size 1.25mm² (16AWG) and 2.0mm² (14AWG) non-insulated terminals & sleeves, (with crimp verification mark), total length: 166mm, tool weight: 276g, crimps blades, spades and rings..

  • Pocket-sized
  • Lightweight and compact design that gently fits hands
  • Small body and powerful crimping
  • Handle weight has been reduced by approx. 50%. (for 2 sq., compared to earlier models)
  • Smart collar design
  • Built-in ratchet mechanism
  • The tool is easier to use with the grip extended upward
  • JISC 9711 standard







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Manufacturer Lobster
Type For uninsulated terminals
Wire Sizes 14 AWG (2.0mm²)
16 AWG (1.25mm²)
Overall Length 166mm
  • Built-in ratchet mechanism
  • Pocket size with light weight and compact design
  • Offers significant power in a compact design