Fuji Electric AR30F0R10T

30mm Push Button with Black-Green-Red buttons, Round, 1 NO Contact

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Fuji Electric AR30FOR 30mm momentary pushbutton with tri-color buttons (black/green/red), flush round button, Non-illuminated, 1 Normally Open Contact, UL508 /CE/CSA/TÜV certified, IP65 rating

Type Non-illuminated
Operator Flush round head
Operator Function Momentary action
Contact Configuration 1 N.O.
Button Color Black-Red-Green
Size 30mm
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Manufacturer Fuji Electric
Contact Ratings
Rated Insulation Voltage 600VAC/DC
Life Expectancy


  • Momentary action: 5 million operations
  • Alternate action: 1 million operations
  • Electrical:

    • 500,000 operations at 220VAC 6A
    • 1 million operations at 220VAC 3A

Operating Frequency 1200 operations/hour (On-load factor: 40%)
Dialectric Strength 2500VAC, 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 100 or more (500VDC megger)
Ambient Temperature Range -20 to +70 ºC
Protection Standard IP65
Approved Standards
Weight 0.079lbs (36grams)
Tariff Code 8536.50.90.31