TS2008MM, Jacket Skiving Tool

Armor-Weld™ jacketed Weld-Spatter tubing stripping tool for 5/16"/ 8mm tubing

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ATP Pneumatics TS-200-8MM double layer tube stripper for use with 8mm (5/16") OD tubing size.

Skiving Tools are used to remove the outer weld-spatter jacket safely and efficiently from Armor-Weld™ double layer tubing.

  • Compact & easy to use
  • Repeatibility for production settings
  • Standard 1/4" driver bit, fits common drills and drivers
  • Stripping without damage to the inner layer tubing
  • Lang Chi LC-08
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Applicable Tubing Size 8mm | 5/16"
Color Body: Gray | Tip Color: Green
Weight Approx.10g (0.022lb)