Bolts for Solenoid Interlock Gate Switches

  • Metal Housing
  • Easily fitted to standard aluminum profiles and machine covers with screw connection
  • Distinctive yellow color for easy recognition
  • Robust version for heavy doors
  • No additional door handle necessary
  • Slot on the bolt permits attachment of padlocks
  • With or without detent mechanism
  • The Prices range from $243.72 to $676.52

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Item # Type Actuation Style Housing Material Quantity In Stock Price
057736 Bolt TZ-A Doors hinged on the right Metal 0
057737 Bolt TZ-C Doors hinged on the left Metal 0
076199 Bolt TZ-CF Doors hinged on the left, with escape release Metal 0
076200 Bolt TZ-AF Doors hinged on the right, with escape release Metal 0