Cables for Vision Sensors

  • Connector, Ethernet, Interface or Lighting cables
  • M12 5-pin or 8-pin straight
  • RJ45, RS422, or flying leads in one end
  • Cable Length: 1~5meter
  • The Prices range from $6.86 to $92.96

(Note: Other models available upon request)

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Item # Type Length Connections Quantity In Stock Price
AA-RJ45 Ethernet Connector N/A Connector to RJ45 0
CB-L8FSK/L8FSK-2M-GG-PUR Lighting 2 m 2 x M12/8-pin straight at both ends 0
CI-L5FK-3M-G-PUR Interface 3 m 5-pin straight M12 to RS422 0
CI-L8FSK/RJ45S-3M-GG-PVC Ethernet 3 m 8-pin straight M12 to RJ45 0
CI-RJ45S-1M-K Ethernet Crossover 1 m RJ45 at both ends 0
C-L8FSK-5M-G-PUR Shielded Connector 5 m 8-pin straight M12 to flying leads 0