CES/CEM Read Heads and Actuators

  • Uniquely coded Electric read heads & actuator for CES evaluation unit
  • Achieves Safety Category 4
  • Max. Switch-on distance: 15mm
  • Max. Switch-off distance: 26mm
  • Battery free actuator
  • 5m PVC cable or M8 Quick Disconnect (Read Heads)
  • Performs self-testing without guard protection
  • Mechanical life up to 30 million operating cycles
  • IP67 Rating
  • The Prices range from $50.30 to $363.19

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Item # Type Switch-on Distance Switch-off Distance Connections Dimensions Quantity In Stock Price
CES-A-LNA-SC Read Head 15mm 26mm M8 3 pin Quick Disconnect Cube 42x25x12mm 4
CEM-A-LE05K-S2 Read Head 2mm 20mm M8 3 pin Quick Disconnect Solenoid: M8 4 pin With Adhesive force 500N 0
CEM-BE05 Actuator 2mm 20mm N/A With Adhesive force 500N 0
CES-A-BBA Actuator 15mm 26mm N/A Cube 42x25x12mm 0
CES-A-LNA-05V Read Head 15mm 26mm Pre-wired 5m PVC cable Cube 42x25x12mm 0