CMS Read Heads and Actuators

  • Coded Magnetic read heads & actuator for CMS evaluation unit
  • Achieves Safety Category 3 or 4
  • Max. Switch-on distance: 6mm
  • Max. Switch-off distance: 31mm
  • Rectangualar or cube shaped
  • 5m PVC cable (Read Heads)
  • Surface or thru mounting
  • Mechanical life up to 100 million operating cycles
  • IP67 Rating
  • The Prices range from $10.81 to $63.01

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Item # Type Switch-on Distance Switch-off Distance Cable Length Dimensions Quantity In Stock Price Contact us
CMS-M-BH Actuator (Design B) 6mm 17mm N/A Cube 36x26mm 3
CMS-R-BXO-05V Read Head (Design B) 6mm 17mm 5m (PVC) Cube 36x26mm 3
CMS-M-AB Actuator (Design A) 6mm 18mm N/A Rectangular 88 x 25mm 1
CMS-M-AC Actuator (Design A) 6mm 31mm N/A Rectangular 88 x 25mm 1
CMS-R-AXF-03V Read Head (Design A) 6mm 18mm 3m (PVC) Rectangular 88 x 25mm 1
CMS-R-AXH-03V Read Head (Design A) 6mm 31mm 3m (PVC) Rectangular 88 x 25mm 1
CMS-R-BXI-05V Read Head (Design B) 3mm 12mm 5m (PVC) Cube 36x26mm 1
CMS-M-BD Actuator (Design B) 3mm 12mm N/A Cube 36x26mm Out of Stock
CMS-R-AXH-05V Read Head (Design A) 6mm 31mm 5m (PVC) Rectangular 88 x 25mm Out of Stock