Dual Pressure Sensors

  • Rated Pressure Range: 0 to 0.29 psi
  • Body Size: 30W x 40H x 40D mm
  • ABS enclosure
  • Pressure port: 4.8mmø resin pipe
  • 1x NPN outputs (1x Analog output in DP-M2A)
  • N.O./N.C. selectable
  • Repeatibility: Within ±1% F.S.
  • Pre-wired 2m Cable
  • Applicable Fluid: Non-corrosive gas
  • Offers differential pressure sensing for comparing two pressure levels in different areas
  • Incorporated 3 bright red 7-segment LEDs
  • IP40 Rating
  • The prices range from $444.10 to $514.20

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DP-M2 0 to 0.29 psi 1x NPN N.O./N.C. Selectable 4.8mmø resin pipe Within ±1% F.S. Pre-wired 2m cable 30Wx40Hx40D Out of Stock
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