ESH Safety Hinges

ESH hinges are safety devices for monitoring movable safety guards such as doors or covers on machinery or systems. Due to its small design, the safety hinge ESH is particularly suitable for applications in which robustness is required in combination with small dimensions. It combines the function of a door hinge with that of a safety switch. A matching plain hinge is available for support of medium and larger doors.


  • Hinges with integrated safety function
  • Plain or M12 5 pin termination
  • Study metal housing made of die-cast zinc
  • Extremely robust design for high mechanical demands
  • Doesnot perform guard locking
  • IP67 rating (Exceeds NEMA 4)
  • Ideal use with hinged doors
  • Suitable for aluminum profile

The prices range from $80.39 to $311.97

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Item # Safety Category Contact Configuration Termination Quantity In Stock Price
ESH-PRO 1 N/A Plain 0
ESH-PRO-11A-1205 1 1 N.C. + 1 N.O. M12 (5 pin) 0
ESH-PRO-20A-1205 1 2 N.C. M12 (5 pin) 0