EX19B, Front Sensing, NPN Thru-beam Photoelectric Sensors


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Panasonic DC Miniature Thru-beam Photoelectric sensor with 1m sensing range, PBT housing, Body Size = 10W x 14.5H x 3.5D mm, Front Sensing, NPN output, Dark-ON, Red LED (680nm) emitter, Pre-wired 2m Cable, Short-circuit protected, Reverse polarity protected, IP67 rating.

Sensing Range 1 m
Output Function Dark-ON
Minimum Sensing Object 2mmø (opaque object)
Termination Pre-wired 2m cable
Body Size 10wx14.5hx3.5d
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Emitter Red LED (680nm)
Input Voltage (DC) 12~24 V
Casing Material PBT (polybutylene terephthalate)
Switching Frequency 10~500 Hz
Ambient Temperature Range -25 to +55 ºC
Protection Standard IP67
Weight 0.15lbs