Female Cap Plugs

  • Metric size one touch fitting
  • Female Cap Plugs
  • Tube OD: 4~12mm; No thread
  • Ivory Resin body
  • Accepts many types of plastic tubing (Polyurethane, Nylon, Soft Nylon, Polyethylene)
  • Can be used in Low vacuum (10 Torr)
  • Positive Sealing and reduced resitance (when tubing is inserted)
  • Smooth-edge release sleeve design facilitates a quick tubing disconnection
  • The prices range from $1.50 to $2.25

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Item # Type Connections Thread Sealant Quantity In Stock Price
PL39-13-2114-RC Cap plug 4mm female No 0
PL39-15-2214-RC Cap plug 6mm female No 0
PL39-18-2314-RC Cap plug 8mm female No 0
PL39-20-2414-RC Cap plug 10mm female No 0
PL39-21-2514-RC Cap plug 12mm female No 0