Industrial Sensors and Switches

RED WHITE BLUE Sensors for 4th of July! (JULY 2020)

The 4th of July is quickly approaching, and we would like to recommend these new, innovative, and rocksolid sensors that will perfectly fit with the celebration of RED-WHITE and BLUE.


RED LED PHOTOEYES White LED sensor Blue LED sensor

Powerful RED LED Diffuse Photoelectric Sensors with Precise Background Suppression


Industry's #1 Full Spectrum White LED Diffuse Color Sensor

New & Innovative Blue LED Diffuse Photoelectric sensors with Precise Background Suppression


  • Extremely Reliable
  • Up to 47" (1.2 meters) sensing distance
  • Low-cost 
  • Easy teach-in button
  • Unique fine-tune dovetail mounting
  • Perfect choice for general sensing application
  • Ideal for part detection in the automotive industry or for sorting tasks in machine construction.

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  • New Generation 4.0 Rare but very Effective
  • IO-Link interface
  • Up to 6" (150mm) sensing distance
  • Pricey compared to other light sources
  • Outstanding performance in pass/fail color surfaced applications
  • Outstanding performance in non-color surface applications as well such as: glossy vs non-glossy objects, shiny objects, and metallic coatings like zinc, chrome or nickel surfaces.

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  • New Generation 4.0 Rare but very Effective 
  • Up to 47" (1.2 meters) sensing distance
  • About 20% higher in price than red LEDs
  • Easy teach-in button
  • Unique fine-tune dovetail mounting
  • Well suited for transparent, light-absorbing objects like black foam, black plastic, solar cells, varnished wooden surfaces, coated metal and painted plastic parts.

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Sensor Promo (July 2019):

Whether you’re wanting to build a better piece of equipment or improve on your machine uptime, Contrinex's 700 Series proximity sensor is worth it’s weight in gold! 


One piece stainless steel, full-metal housing
- Corrosion, mechanically and chemically resistant
- IP 68 and IP 69K (ideal for outdoor or wet environments)

Longest operating distances
 - 3 times normal sensing ranges
 - Same operating distances on steel, aluminum, brass or copper

Built in IO Link Technology    
 - Continuous monitoring of data and sensor status
 - Easily change form N.O. to N.C., add a time delay or stretch the output

• Vibration and shock proof
• Outstanding temperature stability
• High switching frequencies (up to 1000 Hz)

For a limited time, we are reducing the price
on these "Perfect Cure" M8, M12, M18, and M30 cylindrical housing proxes just for you to try out. Hurry up & Save Now!

M8 Inductive Proxes M12 Proximity Switches M18 proximity switches M30 proximity switches

M8 1-piece SS V2A inductive proximity sensor with 6mm sensing distance


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M12 1-piece SS V2A inductive proximity sensor with 10mm sensing distance


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M18 1-piece SS V2A inductive proximity sensor with 20mm sensing distance


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M30 1-piece SS V2A inductive proximity sensor with 40mm sensing distance


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NPN, PNP, pre-wired, quick disconnect, shielded/unshielded models available.


Contrinex Sensors and Safety Devices is an authorized stocking distributor for Contrinex. Headquartered in Switzerland, Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial sensors and safety devices. Founded in 1972, Contrinex is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the factory automation industry by specializing mostly on the development, manufacturing, and sales of sensing equipment for industrial applications. Here are the Contrinex products highlights:

Contrinex Sensors and Switches

  • Miniature, self-contained, inductive and photoelectric sensors
  • Inductive sensors with operating distances up to 4-times standard
  • Inductive sensors for tough operating conditions
  • Mechanically and chemically rugged full-metal sensors
  • Sensors for permanent pressures up to 500 bar (peak 1000 bar)
  • Sensors for operating temperatures up to 230℃
  • Full-metal sensors for food industry (IP68 & IP69K)
  • Full-metal sensors for sea-water applications (IP68 & IP69K)
  • Photoelectric sensors with background suppression
  • Inductive and photoelectric sensors with analog output
  • Fiber-optic solutions
  • Full-metal RFID systems
  • Safety Light Curtains

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Sensopart Sensors for industrial automation - Made in Germany is an authorized stocking distributor for Sensopart. Headquartered in Germany, Sensopart is well known for its innovative industrial sensors. Founded in 1994, Sensopart has expanded its operation worldwide concentrating on the development, production, and marketing of optoelectronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors for factory automation. German-engineered Sensopart products are highly robust and durable and are used in numerous applications from automotive and machine construction, through the electronic and solar industries, to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Here are the product highlights:

Sensopart distributor USA

  • High quality photoelectric sensors & proximity sensors
  • Color, contrast and Luminescence or UV sensors
  • Distance sensors
  • Fiber-optic sensors and cables
  • Fork sensors and optical windows
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Industrial laser Sensors
  • Capacitive proximity sensors
  • Multi-function Smart Plugs
  • Sensor Accessories
  • VISOR® Vision sensors and systems

Milestones of product development at Sensopart:

  • 1994: FMH 18: the first proximity sensor in cylindrical housing with very precisely adjustable background suppression achieved via 12-step potentiometer.
  • 1995: FT 50: Scanner with adjustable background suppression and analogue switching point indicator and with a rotatable plug.
  • 1996 / 1997: FT 20: Smallest photoelectric proximity sensor with LED or laser light, adjustable background suppression and teach-in functionality.
  • 1998: FT50C: World's smallest color sensor with white light LED and spectral color separation with innovative tube prism system.
  • 1999: F 90: Laser distance sensor with long range. Light time-of-fight measurement and an adjustment laser that can be switched off.
  • 2003: FT 50 RLA: Laser distance sensor (triangulation process) with excellent measurement properties and many supplementary functions.
  • 2006 / 2008: FA 45/46: Vision sensors in compact industry-oriented housings (IP67) with built-in lens and integrated illumination.
  • 2009: FT 55: Family with laser photoelectric proximity sensors with highly precise and adjustable background suppression. Available in plastic or stainless steel housing (IP69K).
  • 2010: FT 10: World's smallest laser proximity sensor with highly precise and adjustable background suppression, and suppression of interference.
  • 2011: F 25: Variant-rich series of powerful and robust miniature sensors with highly precise and adjustable background suppression.
  • 2011: VISOR速: User-friendly vision sensor with particularly powerful image processing and expanded functionality.

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HTM Sensors - Sensors made tough, Solutions made simple! is an authorized stocking distributor for HTM Sensors. Operated from two different facilities (USA & Canada), HTM Sensors supplies most economical yet durable sensors for most any industrial sensing applications. With 50+ years of experience in sensor business, HTM Sensors is constantly innovating to provide reliable and world-class sensors. Here are the product specialties:

HTM sensors distributor USA
  • Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Capacitive Proximity Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Sensors
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Sensor Cables and Connectors
  • MetalHead sensors
  • Thermo Sensors
  • Application Services for Automation Systems
  • Industrial Vending Machines and MRO Services

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Autonics Sensors and Controllers - Made in Korea is an authorized stocking distributor for Autonics. Headquartered in Korea, Autonics has been providing cost-effective and innovative solutions for industrial automation applications. Founded in 1977, Autonics has expanded its network across the globe in over 110 countries specializing in industrial sensors, controls, and automation components. Here is an extensive list of their product line:

Autonics sensors distributor USA
  • Sensors & encoders: Inductive Proximity Sensors, Area sensors, Photoelectric sensors, Fiber optic sensors, pressure sensors, Sensor controllers, Rotary encoders
  • Temperature controls, Panel meters, Counter / Timers, Control switches
  • Motion Devices (Stepper Motors, Stepper Motor Drivers, Motion Controllers)
  • Process Automation (Controllers, Indicators, Recorders, Converters, Pressure Transmitters, Digital Thyristor Units)s
  • Temperature / Humidity transducers, Field Network Devices, I/O terminal blocks
  • Graphic touch panels / Logic panels (HMI)
  • Solid state relays, Switching power supplies

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