Inline type Metric Speed Controllers

  • Inline type Metric Speed Controllers
  • Straight
  • With one touch fittings and direct connection type
  • Tube OD: 4~12mm; Body Thread Size: 4~12mm
  • Ivory Resin body
  • Compact and space-saving configuration
  • Nylon tube and Urethane tube can be used in common
  • Excellent air flow characteristics
  • Easy control of air flow speed and rate
  • Easy set up of connecting direction
  • Sleeve color makes application clear
  • The prices range from $8.20 to $19.20

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Item # Type Connections Thread Sealant Quantity In Stock Price Contact us
PL45-13-2100-R Mini Inline speed controller 4mm x 4mm No 20
PL46-20-2400-R Inline speed controller 10mm x 10mm No 19
PL45-15-2200-R Mini Inline speed controller 6mm x 6mm No 16
PL46-18-2300-R Inline speed controller 8mm x 8mm No 10
PL46-21-2500-R Inline speed controller 12mm x 12mm No 4