LC100TL6000AP, LC-100 Thru-beam Compact Laser Sensors


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Panasonic/Sunx DC Laser sensor with 60m sensing range, Polyester housing material, Body size = 50x50x15mm, NPN output, Normally Open/Normally Closed selectable, Pre-wired 2m Cable, laser red light emitter, Cubical housing, Sender and Receiver Unit included, Short circuit protected, Reverse Polarity protected, IP67 rating..

Sensing Range 60m
Termination Pre-wired
Signal Output NPN
Output Function N.O./N.C.
Body Size 50x50x15mm
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Manufacturer Panasonic (formerly Sunx)
Emitter Laser red light (650nm)
Input Voltage (DC) 10~30 V
Housing Type Cubical
Casing Material Polyester
Switching Frequency 1500 Hz
Ambient Temperature Range –10 to +50 ºC
Protection Standard IP67