M12 Tubular Body Thru-beam Photoelectric Sensors, 5.2m Sensing Range

  • Up to 5.2m Sensing Range
  • Threaded Cylindrical
  • Body Length: 77.4mm
  • Chrome-plated Brass housing
  • Quick Disconnect only
  • PNP or NPN
  • Selectable Light-ON/Dark-ON output
  • Infrared LED (880nm) emitter
  • IP67 (IEC) rating
  • The prices range from $36.00 to $50.00

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Item # Sensing Range Type Termination Signal Output Output Function Body Length Quantity In Stock Price
M12B-T5200D-EX9Q4LE 5.2 m Emitter Quick Disconnect NPN/PNP N/A 77.4mm 0
M12B-T5200N-CX9Q4UE 5.2 m Receiver Quick Disconnect NPN Selectable Light-ON/Dark-ON 77.4mm 0
M12B-T5200P-CX9Q4UE 5.2 m Receiver Quick Disconnect PNP Selectable Light-ON/Dark-ON 77.4mm 0