M18 Thru-beam Laser Sensors

  • 50m Sensing Range
  • 59mm cylindrical body
  • Nickel-plated Brass material
  • Quick Disconnect only
  • Normally Open
  • PNP or NPN output
  • Laser red light (650nm) emitter
  • Sender & Receiver unit included
  • Suitable for detection of small parts
  • IP67 rating
  • The prices range from $266.40 to $269.84

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Item # Sensing Range Termination Signal Output Output Function Body Length Quantity In Stock Price Contact us
FS18RL-L4+FE18RL-NSL4 50m Quick Disconnect NPN N.O. 59mm Out of Stock
FS18RL-L4+FE18RL-PSL4 50m Quick Disconnect PNP N.O. 59mm Out of Stock