M18BL1000PCX6Q4UEPF, M18 Tubular Body Retro-reflective Photoelectric Sensors, 1.5m Sensing Range


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HTM M18 DC Retro-reflective Photoelectric sensor with 1m Sensing Range, Nickel-plated Brass material, Body length = 75mm, PNP output, Selectable Light-ON/Dark-ON, Red LED (660nm) emitter, Integrated Polarizing Filter, M12 4-pin Quick Disconnect termination, Short-circuit protected, Reverse polarity protected, IP67 rating.

Sensing Range 1m
Signal Output PNP
Output Function Selectable Light-ON or Dark-ON
Termination Quick Disconnect
Body Length 75mm
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Emitter Red LED (660nm, modulated)
Input Voltage (DC) 10~30 V
Housing Type Cylindrical
Casing Material Nickel-plated Brass
Vibration Resistance 10~55 Hz
Ambient Temperature Range -25 to +55 ºC
Protection Standard IP67 (IEC)
Miscellaneous Information Integrated Polarizing Filter, Requires Reflector