MSGS302RYG, Large 140x130mm 24VDC Incandescent Rotating Beacon Lights


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Menics large 140mm x 130mm rectangular red-yellow-green rotating tower light, integrated 100dB audible alarm with three settings-melody or siren or two tone, 24 VDC supply power, direct stud mount, rotation rate = 150/min, 25 watt incandescent bulb, 1.04A current consumption, magnified lens type, electrical connection; screw terminals..

Model Rotating Mirror (3-stacks)
Lens Color Red-Yellow-Green
Bulb Type Incandescent
Lens Type Smooth
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Manufacturer Menics
Input Voltage 24VDC
Bulb Wattage 25 W
Rotation Rate 130/min
Current Consumption 1.04 A
Termination Terminal Block type
Mount Stud Mount
Miscellaneous Information Integrated 100dB audible alarm with three settings: i) Melody ii) Siren, and iii) Two tone