MTW+H07VK 2.5mm2/AWG14R, Globally Approved Harmonized PVC Hook Up Wire


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Nichigoh 2.5mm²/14 AWG, red, stranded single conductor cable, 500 ft or 153 meters per roll, price per roll, UL MTW file E209359, TFF file E210808 and AWM1015 file E194236, VW-1 flame retardant

Wire Size 14 AWG
Color Red
Outer Diameter 3.6 mm
Length 153 m
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Manufacturer Nichigoh
Rated Voltage 600V (UL/CSA)
Insulated Heat resistant PVC
Temperature Range -15 to +90 ºC
Miscellaneous Information RoHS Compliant
Widely used as the power line, signal line, internal wiring, and external wiring of electric equipment, components and the industrial machinery