NA2-N Series Part Count Area Sensors

  • 5m Sensing Range
  • Ultra-slim (13mm thick) body
  • 220~380mm sensing height
  • Heat-resistant ABS material
  • Pre-wired 3m Cable only
  • PNP or NPN output
  • Infrared LED emitter
  • Suitable for general-purpose detection application
  • Incorporated mutual interference and test input
  • Clearly visible wide job indicator (102mm)
  • The prices range from $610.60to $859.50

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Item # Sensing Range Sensing Height Minimum Sensing Object Signal Output Body Size Quantity In Stock Price Contact us
NA2-N12 5 m 220 mm 30mmø NPN 30wx270hx13d Out of Stock
NA2-N12-PN 5 m 220 mm 30mmø PNP 30wx270hx13d Out of Stock
NA2-N16 5 m 300 mm 30mmø NPN 30wx350hx13d Out of Stock
NA2-N16-PN 5 m 300 mm 30mmø PNP 30wx350hx13d Out of Stock
NA2-N20 5 m 380 mm 30mmø NPN 30wx430hx13d Out of Stock
NA2-N20-PN 5 m 380 mm 30mmø PNP 30wx430hx13d Out of Stock