PC3N03DG, PC3 Series FRL- Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator


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TPC Combination air filter, regulator and lubricator unit, 3/8" NPT ports, auto drain (N.O. type), 1.0Mpa (140psi) pressure guage, 5µm filtration, wt: 2.18lbs..
Thread NPT
Port Size 3/8"
Drain Type Auto Drain (N.O. type)
Flow Capacity 85scfm
Filtration 5µm
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Manufacturer TPC Automation (Formerly TPC Pneumatics - Tanhay)
Type PC3 Series Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator Combinations
Applicable Fluid Air
Max. Operating Pressure 1.0 Mpa (140psi)
Proof Pressure 1.5Mpa (200psi)
Set Pressure Range 0.05~1.0Mpa (7~140psi)
Construction Relieving style
Recommended Oil ISO VG32 (Turbine oil 1 class)
Pressure Guage
  • Port size: 1/8"
  • Pressure range: 1.0Mpa (140psi)
  • Ambient and Fluid Temperature Range -5 to +60°C (Non-freezing)
    Miscellaneous Information Integral pressure guage with Limit Indicator
    Weight 2.18lbs (0.99Kg)
    Note 1Test Conditions: Supply Pressure 0.7Mpa (100psi), Set Pressure 0.6Mpa (90psi)