Safety Light Curtain Controllers

SF-C10 Series exclusive control unit for light curtains are available for easy design and construction of safety circuits. A single unit can be used for PNP/NPN input switching, reducing the number of parts that need to be registered.

  • Automatic or Manual Start
  • Compatible up to safety category 4 standards
  • Plug-in connector, Robust or Slim design
  • Spring guage or Screw terminal connections
  • LED display
  • Built-in electronic fuse
  • Less Setup time for safety circuits
  • Removable terminal blocks (only in SF-C11)
  • The prices range from $344.70 to $1467.10

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Item # Type Signal Output Connections Quantity In Stock Price Contact us
SF-C11 Plug-in connector Selectable PNP or NPN Detachable type spring guage terminal Out of Stock
SF-C12 Robust Selectable PNP or NPN Screw terminal, 0.13~2.5mm² (26~14 AWG) Out of Stock
SF-C13 Slim body (22.5mm thick) Selectable PNP or NPN Spring guage terminal Out of Stock