SF4BH32CAJ05, Safety Light Curtains

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Panasonic Type 4 compact safety light curtain set with muting function, 663.4mm / 26.118" protective height with no dead zone, hand protection type, PNP/NPN outputs, built-in 0.5 meter pig-tailed connection cable, use SFB-CC mating cables (see suggested accessories)

Series SF4B-C
Type Hand Protection
Protective Height 663.4 mm
26.118 in
Beam Pitch 20 mm
No. of Beam Channels 32
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Manufacturer Panasonic (formerly Sunx)
Operating Distance ? 0.3 ~ 7 m
0.984 ~ 22.966 ft
Signal Output Selectable NPN or PNP
Response Time OFF response: 14 ms or less, ON response: 80 to 90 ms
Minimum Sensing Object 25mmø (0.984in) opaque object
Emitting Element Infrared LED (850nm)
Supply Voltage (DC) 24 V
Current Consumption When large multi-purpose indicator turns OFF:
  • Emitter: 75 mA or less
  • Receiver: 95 mA or less

  • When large multi-purpose indicator lights up:
  • Emitter: 85 mA or less
  • Receiver: 105 mA or less
  • Housing Material Enclosure: Polycarbonate
    Vibration Resistance 10 ~ 55 Hz
    Ambient Temperature Range -10 to +55°C (+14 to +131°F) I No dew condensation or icing allowed
    Protection Standard IP65 (IEC)
    Features Incorporated: ELCA function, emission halt function, interlock function, external device monitoring function, override function, muting function, large multi-purpose indicator function
    [Optional Functions: muting setting changing, override setting changing, fixed blanking, floating blanking, light emitting amount control, auxiliary output switching, protecting, interlock setting changing, external relay monitor setting changing function]
    Miscellaneous Information
  • No dead zone
  • RoHS compliant
  • Mounts flush on aluminum frames
  • Large multi-purpose indicator
  • Cables & brackets sold separately
  • Weight Approx. 700 g (1.54 lbs)
    Country of Origin Japan
    International Harmonize Code 8536.50-9004