TZ2RE024MVABC1828, TZ2 Solenoid Interlock Gate Switch with Electrical Guard Locking


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Euchner 087291 Electrically locking solenoid safety gate switch with right actuating head and rear escape release button, 2 N.O. / 2 N.C. positively driven solenoid & 1 N.O. / 3 N.C. positively driven door contacts, 24VAC/DC, category 2, anodized die-cast alloy body, M20 x 1.5 electrical entry, IP65 rating..
Actuating Head Right
Safety Category 2
Solenoid Contacts (ÜK) 2 N.C. + 2 N.O.
Door Contacts (SK) 3 N.C. + 1 N.O.
Connections Screw Terminal (M20 x 1.5)
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Manufacturer Euchner
Guard Locking ? Electrical with escape release
Actuation Style Separate Actuator (See Suggested Accessories)
Contact Type Slow action switching element
Cover Color Black
Dimensions (mm) 110H x 110W x 40D
LED 2 LEDs (Red & Green)
Mechanical Release ? On front
Escape Release On the rear with red key button
Actuating Force 35 N
Approach Speed 20m/min.
Solenoid Operating Voltage 24VAC/DC
Power Consumption 7W
Max. Locking Force 2000N
Rated Voltage 250VAC/DC
Contacts Silver alloy, gold flashed
Housing Material Anodized die-cast alloy
Ambient Temperature Range -25 to +80 ºC
Protection Standard IP65
Miscellaneous Information
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Mechanical life up to 2 million operating cycles