Up to 1.32gal/min (5l/min) Flow Rate Type Sensors

  • Rated Pressure Range: -0.09 to +0.7MPa
  • Body Size: 17W x 37H x 64D mm
  • ABS Enclosure with Resin Body
  • NPN or PNP
  • 1x Analog (1-5V) output
  • 4mmø push-in port size
  • Applicable Fluid: Clean air, Compressed air, Nitrogen gas
  • 2-color display with sub display
  • Integrated Value reset function
  • Micro Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS) technology
  • IP40 (IEC) Rating
  • Supplied with CN-F15-C1 connector attached cable (1m)
  • Price: $528.60

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Item # Rated Pressure Range Outputs Ports Size Body Size Quantity In Stock Price
FM-253-4 -0.09 to +0.7MPa 2x NPN, 1x Analog (1-5V) 4mmø push-in 17Wx37Hx64D 0
FM-253-4-P -0.09 to +0.7MPa 2x PNP, 1x Analog (1-5V) 4mmø push-in 17Wx37Hx64D 0